Preparing For Your Interview

Here are some tips that employers want job candidates to know BEFORE they interview in person or on the phone...

Do your research: Don't go to the interview if you haven't done your homework by researching the organization. Employers are interested in candidates who ask intelligent questions and are able to make intelligent conversation based on what they know about the company. It's obvious to employers when candidates have not done their research.

Be prepared: You might be surprised how many candidates sabotage their own chances by messing up on basic things - they show up late, they don't dress appropriately, and they don't act professionally. I remember a candidate who showed up at the door eating French fries and drinking a Coke. He said he hadn't had time for lunch before the interview.

Have a focus: Employers recommend that you base your job search on criteria you develop for jobs and companies. In other words, don't use a "shotgun" approach. Think about what type of position you're seeking and what type of organization your interested in, and consider your geographic preference and other related issues.