We have been extremely gratified to hear of the success stories from employers and job seekers alike testifying to the effectiveness of job postings on LPJobs.com.  There are several options open to employers for current rates and posting packages.  Rate options are the same for hiring companies and agencies.


This is an annual one time fee that allows for an UNLIMITED number of postings.  Included in this package is the company logo on the Home Page, A company biography on their page, all postings grouped together under the company page, and on a rotating basis each of our corporate members are featured as the Employer of the Day.  Pricing is based upon potential usage and can be discussed by email LPJobs for more information.  Currently we have numerous Corporate members to include a cadre of prestigious retailers; Lowes, Sears, Kmart, Bloomingdales, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, The Gap, Kohl’s, The Home Depot and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Many of our large clients feel this is the most economical way to search for LP applicants and the preferred method to market their job opportunities.


Since 2000, LPjobs remains the largest loss prevention E-Recruiting site. Starting at only $90 for a one time, one location posting, LPJobs is one of the industry’s best values.  

Job postings stay live for up to 75 days, unless the position is filled earlier.


We offer various posting packages to our customers that can save money and time.  The package discount pricing is below.  Just email info@lpjobs.com if you are interested in a package.

Job Package
Single Job
5 jobs
10 jobs
25 jobs
Unlimited Jobs

Candidate Analysis Service

Do you love the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the web, but don't like to deal with the overwhelming numbers of responses? Do you want to have another level of service without it costing you an arm and a leg? If this sounds like you, LPjobs.com has the answer...

This service allows you to post your position with LPjobs.com and have the responses directed to the professionals at LPjobs.com. We will screen the responses for minimum qualifications you define and ensure the resumes that ultimately end up on your desk are ones that you will want to see. If you are interested, please e-mail us today at info@lpjobs.com and put "Candidate Analysis" in the subject line. Thanks and we look forward to serving you!

Payment Options

When posting a job you will have a choice of four different payment options. Here they are:

1.) Check/Money Order - you will be prompted to agree to pay the fee within 30 days of posting; LPjobs will send you an electronic invoice.

2.) Purchase Order  - you will be prompted to enter your company's PO #.

3.) Credit Card - you will be asked for card type, card #, expiration date, and name on card.

4.) Pre-paid job post - if your organization has purchased a job package, the job post will be deducted from the job counter for the package.

Obviously, we believe there is a financial benefit to you and administrative savings for both of us by purchasing job packages to streamline the amount of invoicing and check processing necessary. E-mail us today at info@lpjobs.com to set up a package or ask any questions you might have on the process or payment arrangements.


Remember, with over 96,000 unique visits in our first month of operation, we are the leading e-recruiting site for retail loss prevention professionals. Here's what employers and job seekers say about our site...

  • "I posted a Job and in 20 minutes I began receiving qualified candidates, it's great"
  • "Great site and congratulations on putting this together. Fantastic response already!"
  • "I think the site is great and we have gotten some high quality applicants as a result."
  • "Since discovering your site, I have sent three resumes in total for positions listed in your employment opportunities. All three resulted in offers, allowing me to pick the one which best suited my goals. The word is, the recruiters don't think this site is a threat because people posting opportunities on the site still have to sift through mounds of responses. Well, they need to think again...the word is out that this is the place to go for them. And for a company looking to save 20% commission to find a top candidate, they are learning that this is the place to go, as well."
  • "This is great! I've already had about 40 responses to my post in the first couple days and I'm setting up phone interviews with many of them. This is the fastest response of qualified candidates I've ever seen! I've never used a job board before, but I know where I'm finding my people from now on!"
  • Put the power of e-recruiting to work for your organization now! E-mail us at info@lpjobs.com with any questions or for help in getting started.

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